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In today’s world, where regulatory certainty, energy security, and economic competitiveness are required, regulators must be high performing and seek regulatory excellence. The excellent regulator cannot stay in one place, content to have mastered solving the problems of the past. Our world is changing, and changing quickly. As countries face the disruptive forces of technological innovation, economic realignment, geopolitical volatility, operational complexity, and evolving societal expectations, earning – and keeping – public trust becomes increasingly challenging. Excellence as a regulator means matching these forward momentums, not maintaining static achievement.

Regulators around the globe play a vital role in ensuring people are safe, the environment is protected, natural resources are developed responsibly, and markets run efficiently – yet there remains little consensus on a common set of standards for regulatory performance, training, and innovation. So how do regulatory institutions objectively and credibly evaluate their own performance, identifying best practices and areas for improvement?

Regulators must rethink the basic notion of regulatory practice; their success dependent on how quickly they can adapt to transformational changes by demonstrating a constant drive for innovation, improving organizational competencies, and forging strategic partnerships with governments, businesses, stakeholders, and the public.

Our Vision

ICORE’s vision is to achieve regulatory excellence for a just, prosperous, and sustainable world.

Our Mission

Help the world’s regulatory authorities build modern, high-performing, and credible organizations that subscribe to the highest standards of excellence.

No single regulator has all of the answers on how to work towards a global set of standards. However, it only takes one to trigger the movement towards a common definition of regulatory excellence. The International Centre of Regulatory Excellence (ICORE) provides a shared environment for regulators to collaborate in building resilient and credible institutions that earn public trust and confidence.

ICORE is a Canadian, global not-for-profit institute with a mission to help the world’s regulators transform into high-performing, resilient, and credible organizations that aspire to excellence. Our vision is to advance the principles of regulatory excellence – utmost integrity, stellar competence, and empathic engagement – to create a just, prosperous and sustainable world.


  • Provides the global regulatory community with a collaborative platform to strengthen organizational competencies through direct assistance and professional training.
  • Drives regulatory innovation by testing novel solutions to complex problems.
  • Enables regulatory cooperation to foster the exchange of ideas, transfer technical expertise, and forge strategic partnerships in pursuit of common goals.

Through ICORE’s practical experience, we know that applying the attributes of regulatory excellence allows regulators to do more than deliver on their mandates – it drives them to deliver measureable results, provide public value, and earn and sustain public trust.

Built by regulators for regulators, ICORE can – through bold and courageous action – build, innovate, and even reimagine regulatory systems. Drawing on demand from at home and internationally, ICORE will be the global centre for regulatory excellence.

As the international community commits to redefining a sustainable energy future through tightening regulations, regulators of extractive industries are primed to play a critical role in this journey. ICORE’s vast network of trusted partners provides unique access to regulatory expertise, innovative ideas, and insight from around the world. Within this safe, politically neutral and collaborative platform, ICORE partners pursue common goals, exchange ideas, and forge trusting relationships.

Working with the Government of Canada, ICORE will build high-performance regulatory systems that achieve regulatory excellence, deliver economic value and prosperity, and earn the trust and confidence of the citizens they serve.

"The excellent regulator cannot stay in one place, content to have mastered solving the problems of the past. The world changes, its problems change, its economies change, and its social concerns change. Excellence as a regulator requires forward momentum, not static achievement."

Cary Coglianese | Director, Penn Program on Regulation, and the Edward B. Shils Professor of Law and Professor of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania