The International Centre of Regulatory Excellence, or ICORE, is a global not-for-profit organization supporting regulators in achieving Regulatory Excellence through collaboration.

Board Room

Our goal is to be an inclusive, open, and honest platform where regulators from all sectors and all countries can come together to discuss challenges, share successes, and work together to establish their place in a new economic, social, and political order.

We can set the course for our own success by embracing our own diversity, experiences, and knowledge for the betterment of the global regulatory community.

Platform Economy: Brings together people, resources, ideas, and technology to collaborate on a new enterprise model or improve on an existing one. All points of view and all potential participants have some level of value to the enterprise.

Regulatory flexibility opens doors and instills confidence in investors.

The regulatory environment we find ourselves in is having limited success in the Platform Economy: trying to adapt existing regulations to new businesses that don’t fit within the traditional confines of their industry can be difficult.

Board Room

The Age of Disruption and the Platform Economy are both centered on the idea that not only can different elements of a given enterprise work together, but they must work together. Moreover, how they work together is of critical importance.

The Platform Economy has yielded spectacular dividends for participants, and that success is proof that there are incalculable benefits to collaboration. The more viewpoints, discussions, and experiences that can be brought to a platform, the better chance the platform will have to succeed and meet the needs of all its contributors.

ICORE brings together a wide array of regulators from different countries, industries, backgrounds, and experiences, to discuss and establish the role of regulators in the Age of Disruption. ICORE’s critical differential is the unique perspectives brought to the table by our members. With as many perspectives as possible, we can ensure that successes in a new age of regulation can be shared and adapted to suit any industry, in any country.

Collaboration in developing regulatory best practices is the most effective way to ensure regulators can carry out their mandates effectively while at the same time encouraging innovation and investment.

Having a platform in which this collaboration can occur freely will get regulators on the same page. It encourages growth, gives regulators a chance to examine in-depth processes their counterparts are using, and provide insights into what’s working in various jurisdictions around the world, and why. ICORE’s goal is to usher in a new age of regulation that is consistent with the values of the Age of Disruption: adaptability, flexibility, data-driven solutions, and mindfulness of the social climate.