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What We Do

ICORE focuses on three distinct, but interrelated, operational streams that will set the bar for regulatory excellence by addressing global workforce and working practice challenges:

Regulatory Training

ICORE will strengthen regulatory competencies by offering customized, professional training and leadership development to support the operational and strategic capabilities of regulators.

ICORE Regulatory Training creates internationally recognized, accessible and professional development programs through blended delivery strategies. Join a world-class experience that will:

  • Strengthen the strategic and operational competency and capacity of regulators by delivering regulatory training to increase value.
  • Close the training-to-performance gap; produce fully-functioning high-performance regulators, faster.
  • Increase regulatory value; better regulatory outcomes achieved per dollar unit spent.
  • Achieve regulator universality; disciplined, predictable, certain and consistent actions of regulators.

Regulatory Exchange

ICORE will help accelerate the journey of individual regulators in achieving excellence by providing a safe, politically neutral, and collaborative platform in which they can forge strategic partnerships.

Through the pursuit of common goals, exchanging ideas, and learning and building trusting relationships, ICORE’s Regulatory Exchange helps regulators, governments, and extractive industry operators achieve operational excellence. Receive advisory services that:

  • Close the gap between regulatory knowledge and action.
  • Demonstrate trusted leadership through knowledge, innovation, and thought leadership.
  • Provide ongoing, unique, and valuable thought leadership authority.
  • Demonstrates leading knowledge through credible content.

Regulatory Innovation

Regulatory innovation is a continuous process. ICORE will create solutions that transform regulatory systems in a global regulatory innovation lab environment. Join a collaborative and innovative environment that will:

  • Establish a human-centered service lab which provides tools and processes, enabling the co-creation of innovative regulatory solutions.
  • Increase regulatory performance, translating innovative activity into tangible performance improvements.
  • Increasing regulatory efficiency by reducing regulatory cost and increase value.
  • Incrementally innovate through increasing the value of existing regulatory tools within the regulatory system.
  • Disrupt innovation by creating new system-wide regulatory solutions that simplify processes and increase value.
  • Establish new market innovation by applying existing regulatory tools in a new way, for previously unrelated sectors.

The ICORE Innovation Lab is a virtual and physical space where the global regulatory community can bring the challenges and problems they face, and find real-world solutions. In this way, the Innovation Lab will inspire new ideas, build a culture of innovation, promote global engagement, and attract international talent and leadership.

By innovating through a tiered approach – taking existing regulations, testing them at a global level, learning from them, and experimenting with them to make them better – regulators will be offered an opportunity to “fail quickly” within a safe environment, incubate ideas, and engage with peer regulators around the world to truly develop excellent regulations.