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What We Do

ICORE is a global not-for-profit organization supporting regulators in achieving Regulatory Excellence through collaboration.

ICORE provides its members access to world-class services in three areas:

Regulatory Training

Strengthening regulatory competencies by offering customized, professional training and leadership development to support the operational and strategic capabilities of regulators.

Regulatory training will:

  • Strengthen the strategic and operational competencies of regulators;
  • Close the training-to-performance gap, producing fully functioning, high-performing regulators, faster; and
  • Achieve universality amongst regulators, outlining disciplined, predictable, certain and consistent actions and expectations.

Regulatory Exchange

ICORE will help accelerate the journey of individual regulators. Regulatory Exchange will:

  • Close the gap between regulatory knowledge and action;
  • Provide ongoing, trusted leadership through knowledge, innovation and thought leadership; and
  • Demonstrate leading knowledge through credible content.

Regulatory Innovation

ICORE will create solutions that transform regulatory systems in a global regulatory innovation lab environment. ICORE will:

  • Establish an Innovation Lab, enabling the co-creation of innovative regulatory solutions through the provision of tools and processes;
  • Increase regulatory performance, translating innovative concepts into tangible actions;
  • Heighten regulatory efficiency by reducing costs and increasing the value of existing tools within current systems, creating new system-wide solutions that simplify processes; and
  • Help guide innovation by adopting, testing, and applying regulatory concepts and tools from non-energy industries.